Magnetize the Maintence Manuals

Have you even had a problem with your printer or copier, but can never find the manual in order to fix it? If this sounds like you, think about using a C-Line Magnetic Shop Ticket Holder to store your manuals, maintenance log and more directly on the machine.

The vinyl holders feature a magnetic backing, so they will adhere to any flat, metal surface. The welded, non-rip seams will ensure lasting durability. The 9 x 12 holder (CLI-83912) is a great solution to holding and posting most letter size manuals and booklets directly onto machinery, file cabinets, racking and more.

C-Line Products Magnetic Shop Ticket Holder

C-Line Magnetic Shop Ticket Holders let you post manuals and other important documents on printers, copiers, file cabinets and more.

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