Legal Document Case Helps You Be Prepared for Next Tax Season

Another tax season has come and gone, leaving some to feel more motivated than ever to keep their paperwork in order for this next year. Whether they misplaced paperwork or failed to keep enough documentation, many will enter a new tax year hoping to stay more organized and make future tax seasons a much easier process.

Picking the right office product will help to get you off on the right organizational track. C-Line’s Legal Size Document Case is just the product that will help maintain your records all year long. The elastic closure helps to secure documents up to 14 x 8 1/2 in size.

Utilize C-Line’s legal project folders to sort documents while they are being stored within the document case. The accordion-style gusset enables the portfolio to expand wide enough to store up to 1,000 sheets of paper.

The sleek, professional design makes it an appropriate item to take with when meeting with your accountant next year. Additionally, the heavy duty material will help to protect and preserve documents that are being stored within the portfolio.

How will you use the Legal Size Document Case to get organized? Let us know below.

Document case has strong outer cover that provides protection to contents stored inside.

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