Laminating Luggage Tags are Professional Looking and Easy to Create

When it comes to traveling, many people seem to go through the same procedures. First, you pack up everything that is needed for your trip. Then, many individuals will end up rushing to the airport only to stand in line at security or the check-in counter.

Once at the airport, this is usually the time when people observe their baggage tag is missing or damaged. Some airlines will provide paper ones to use, but they often will not last for the return flight home. C-Line, however, has a great product that can withstand travel.

The Super Heavyweight Cheer Adheer Luggage Tags allow you to make a professional looking ID badge, eliminating the need to purchase on overpriced holder. Without using heat or special equipment, laminate your business card holder or ID information in a matter of seconds.

Simply peel back the protective liner, place the card inside and seal. Use the plastic attachment straps to help hook the luggage tags to your baggage. Since these holders are compact in size, store extras inside each suitcase to ensure you always are equipped.

Super Heavyweight Cleer Adheer Luggage Tag

Laminate a business card or bright colored paper to help identify your luggage during your next trip.

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