Job Ticket Holder Protects Documents in Industrial Environments

Paperwork is a necessary part of almost every job. Some work environments are more conducive to completing documents, filing and staying organized then others. When it comes to industrial jobs, it is often necessary to keep work orders and other documents on hand, but it may be difficult to keep the paperwork intact.

The Two-Pocket Shop Ticket Holder is more suitable for rough work environments, since the vinyl material is able to withstand harsher conditions. The holder comes with a 9 x 12 and 9 x 6 pocket, allowing storage of various size items.

The major benefit to this product is that the holder has a hanging strap, which instantly can display and keep documents visible for employees. The strap, for example, can be hung on a car mirror so the mechanic knows what work needs to be done.

The durable vinyl will protect documents and anything else stored inside the pockets. Why did you decide to use this C-Line product in the past?

C-Line Products Two Pocket Shop Ticket Holder w/ Hanging Strap

Durable vinyl material and stitched edges provide additional protection for documents.

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