Instantly Access IDs with C-Line’s Translucent ID Card Reel

Do you work for a company or live in an apartment complex that requires an access card or ID to enter? If so, you should try C-Line’s Translucent ID Card Reel, which is the ideal product for instant access to your identification.

These colorful card reels make displaying and swiping IDs quick and easy. Each reel features a clear vinyl snap-on strap and belt clip, which firmly attaches to belts, backpacks, purses and much more. When fully extended, the retractable cord reaches 30” allowing for some versatility should you need to reach further lengths.

Coming in an assorted pack of green, pink, yellow and blue, you can choose a color to show off your personality. The Translucent ID Card Reel by C-Line offers versatility and convenience when it comes to ID access. Don’t waste time digging through your wallet, purse or pockets any longer!

Translucent ID Card Reel

Retrieval of your ID is fast and simple with C-Line’s Translucent ID Card Reels.

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