ID Cards Work Will Being Stored in Proximity Badge

Many companies require their employees to utilize ID cards when they are in the office building. Cards not only help to identify individuals, but it can provide access to various places throughout the building. Keeping the ID protected is important to ensure it works correctly.

Using C-Line’s Proximity ID Badge Holder will help to prevent the card from becoming damaged. The PVC-free poly holders are available in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The die-cut hole makes it possible to utilize a lanyard or card reel to keep the holder attached to you.

The design makes it possible to swipe the ID over the access sensor without having to remove it. Additionally, the proximity holder is a tight fit around the ID in order to prevent it from slipping out when you work around the office.

Using this durable holder will make it easy to keep your ID badge accessible while at the office.

C-Line Products Proximity ID Badge Holders

The holders are available in horizontal and vertical orientation to accommodate your ID style.

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