File Jackets Provide More Secure Storage for Mobile Employees

For individuals required to travel for work, it is important to bring appropriate documents with you. Sometimes traditional file folders do not provide enough protection of your documents when you are outside of your office. The folders, which are typically open on three sides, can sometimes cause papers to slide out and be damaged.

C-Line has recently developed a unique type of file that provides additional protection for your documents, making them a suitable product for traveling employees. The Write-on Poly File Jackets are sealed on three sides, making them more secure than other filing options. The v-cut front makes it possible to scan through the documents without fully removing them from the file.

The write-on feature of the file jackets allow for easy identification of what information is being stored in the folder. Each file includes a full-length tab and lined front panel, which can be written on with pencil, ball point pen or permanent marker.

The eye-catching colors of the folders make it possible to color coordinate files, if necessary. Overall, these file jackets provide secure storage for letter-size documents, whether you are in the office or on-the-go.

C-Line Products Write-on Poly File Jackets, Assorted

Each assortment comes with five of each color, making it possible to color coordinate your files.

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