Economical Solution: Durable and Reusable Magnetic Style Name Badges

C-Line‘s Magnetic Style Name Badge Kit is perfect for conferences and social events. This stylish name badge is durable and reusable making it a very economical purchase.

These magnetic name badges attach easily to clothing and are damage free, unlike other badges that use clips and pins. The reusable translucent plastic holders are PVC-free which make them non-reflective and lightweight.

C-Line Products Magnetic Style Name Badge Kit

The magnetic style name badge can be reused by inserting new name tags.

The 4 x 3 size badges come with micro-perforated blank replacement name badge inserts that can be customized using the kit’s built-in templates that are compatible with Microsoft and Coral computer programs. Simply design your insert using the templates, then print using a laser or inkjet printer. Once the name tags and IDs are completed, slide them in from the top into the holder to prominently display the insert and help identify meeting attendees.

This inventive Magnetic Style Name Badge Kit is great for professionals attending networking events. It is easy to use, customizable and reusable. Share your comments with us down below.

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