Dry Erase Pockets Are Useful Study Tools

Teachers often will stress how important it is for students to practice what they learn at home. Why not give your kids a unique way of studying at home?

C-Line Products’ Dry Erase Pockets allow your kids to practice math problems and writing skills from the comfort of their home. Whether you use the free templates directly on C-Line’s website or create your own, simply slide it in the pocket and your student is ready to practice.

The super heavyweight pocket is durable and works best with low-odor dryer erase markers. It helps eliminate the need to make numerous copies of worksheets. Also, there is a convenient eyelet located at the top of the pocket to allow for it to be hung up.

Whether your child is learning about how to tell time or long division, the Dry Erase Pocket can be helpful to students of all ages.

Would this be a product that could promote studying from home? Let us know below!

Make a mistake, simply erase and start again with the Reusable Dry Erase Pockets.

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