Create Professional Presentation Books in Minutes

You are preparing for a big meeting. The presentation that you have spent months putting together is now complete and ready to be viewed by your clients. As you attempt to assemble your report, you begin contemplating how to present all this information.  You’ve put so much time into preparing the presentation, that you would hate for it to fall short at this point.

You consider using folders, a binder and even a Zip N’ Go Portfolio. However, none seem to have that professional appeal you are looking for.

C-Line Products’ Presentation Book can help to add the finishing touches on any presentation.

It features 12 clear, top-loading sheet protectors that are bound into the book. The sheet protectors are acid-free, archival quality so it eliminates the potential for photocopy transfer. When the book is open, the pages lie flat making it easy to view the content on the page.

The book has a clear view spine that allows you for the presentation to become even more tailored to the project. By using templates, which can be found on C-Line’s website, you can create customized spines that are easily inserted.

Additionally, there is a pocket inside of the front cover, which allows for supplemental information to be stored. This is the perfect place for your clients to store notes they may have taken throughout the presentation.

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Putting a material and information together is easy when using C-Line Products' Presentation Book.

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