Colorful Multi-Section Project Folders to Organize Documents

Make your life easier and get organized with C-Line‘s Multi-Section Project Folders. This product is basically one folder that has the functionality of three. The Multi-Section Project Folder is spacious, strong and colorful.

C-Line Products Multi-Section Project Folders, Clear Folders with Colored Dividers

The Multi-Section Project Folders are colorful and durable.

This unique project folder is designed with two translucent dividers inside. These dividers give the folder three different sections that will hold up to 50 pages of letter-size documents (8-1/2 x 11). Also, the folder is sealed on two sides, which allows the user easy loading and access to documents.

C-Line’s Multi-Section Folders are made to last. The acid-free polypropylene material that this folder is composed of makes this product tear-resistant, which will provide more protection for your important documents. This is a product that can be used multiple times without damage.

In addition to space and strength, the project folders are colorful. The folders are clear with color divider combinations which included either pink/purple or blue/aqua. A little color can makes things a lot easier.

Try C-Line Multi-Section Project Folder to organize your life and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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