Add Visuals to Presentation with Transparency Film

Looking for ways to add to your presentation? A quick way is to include visual elements throughout the report is by utilizing graphs and charts to display your information to the client.

C-Line helps to facilitate this thought process by providing Transparency Film that can actually be placed through a laser or inkjet printer in order to ensure that the material is displayed professionally.  What better way to demonstrate information then by projecting it, and then being able to directly point out important aspects of the information.

Simply place the transparency film in the paper tray and print as normal. It is ideal, however, to print black and white. Also, it is important to note that C-Line provides different types of film to choose from. They can be identified based on the type of printer they are compatible with.

How do you use transparency film in the work place? Let us know below.

Print your visual aids directly on C-Line's Transparency Film to demonstrate information professionally.

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