Add Colorful File Jackets to Your Filing System

When it comes to document storage, many individual will utilize neutral, paper filing products as a means to protecting and organizing paperwork. C-Line has a different tool to use that introduces color and heavyweight durability into your filing system.

The Write-On Poly File Jackets are a letter-size document holder that is sealed on three sides ensuring that documents remain in place. The stylish v-cut front makes it possible to page through paperwork while they are still stored in the folder.

Available in an assortment of five unique colors, the file jackets have two write-on spaces that allow users to label the holder in detail. There is a full-length tab across the top of the folder and a lined front panel that has a unique write-on surface. Use pencil, ballpoint pen or permanent marker to write directly on the surface.

Each folder can expand to store up to 1 inch worth of letter-size documents. The colors help file jacket stand out among other paperwork, while the write-on surface makes it easier to identify what is stored inside.

C-Line Products Write-on Poly File Jackets, Assorted

Colorful, letter-size file jackets have unique write-on feature that allows for detailed labeling.

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