Wood Suggestion Box Promotes Customer Feedback

Some of the best companies are those that value their customers’ thoughts and feedback. Many businesses try to obtain customer reviews through online methods, but sometimes getting comments in person can be the best way to reach everyone.

A good way to motivate individuals to leave their comments is by providing them with a private means to communicate with the company. Using Buddy Products’ Wood Suggestion Box would allow customers to give feedback without feeling like they will be judged.

The suggestion box can be left on a flat surface or mounted on a wall to make it more visible. The unit comes with 50 suggestions cards and a chain pen. Replacement cards made for this specific unit are available if needed.

In order to make the box even more secure, Buddy has included a tumbler lock and two keys with the unit. This will provide additional protection of customers’ thoughts written on the cards.

The Wood Suggestion Box is a great way to promote communication between businesses and customers. What have you used this for in the past? Share with us below.

Buddy Products Wooden Suggestion Box

The Wooden Suggestion Box has a neutral design so it can blend in with many different decor styles.

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