Wall Safe Provides Discrete, Secure Storage

Keeping things protected while they are being stored is important. Some items even require additional security in order to make sure that access is limited to them. Often companies will utilize safes or other secure storage options in order to control who can see the contents.

Safes are available in different sizes and shapes, but Buddy has a unique product that also allows for additional concealment. The Wall Safe provides the same level of protection as other units, but this can one be hidden better.

The dead bolt combination is recessed, allowing the safe to be mounted flush to the wall. Hang a picture over the safe in order to hide it from sight. This element adds an additional level of security to the Wall Safe.

The unit, which has 500 inches of cubic storage space, is designed to store compact objects, such as money or jewelry. Built with a double reinforced heavy gauge, steel door, the safe has the ability to protect all of the items stored within it.

The Wall Safe can be a beneficial feature to have at work and also be a great way to secure valuables at home.

Buddy Products Wall Safe

The secure wall safe is great for storing smaller sized valuables.

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