Wall Safe Provides Concealed Protection of Important Items

Providing secure storage is important both at home and at the office. Some items, however, are more important than others and can require additional security to ensure that it is protected. Items with a large value like jewelry or work documents that are highly confidential will need more security to keep them safe.

Buddy Products Wall Safe offers secure storage for items with a 500 cubic inch space. The heavy duty, steel constructed safe has the ability to be stored on the wall in an effort to save on space and create a potentially concealed storage space.

The safe door is secured with the recessed dead bolt lock combination. This type of lock allows the safe to have flush-to-the-wall mounting, making it easier to conceal. The double reinforced steel door is able to easily protect the contents of the safe.

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Store important documents, expensive jewelry and more in Buddy Products Wall Safe.

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