Wall Desk Frees Up Space in Small Offices

Optimizing storage capabilities of small spaces can be a complicated task that requires some creativity to determine what will work best in the area provided. Buddy Products has a storage solution that makes it easy to maximize space in your office.

The Wall Desk is a mountable, fold-out desk that has the ability to store files, important documents and even your laptop. Since the desk can lock when not in use, it provides a secure option for keeping confidential materials.

The best part of this Buddy product is that once folded up, the desk has a 4” profile. It allows you to avoid wasting space with a traditional desk. Instead, utilize the wall desk when necessary, and store material in it when not in use.

Additionally, the desk comes in two different wood finishes, which allows you to tailor it to match your current office décor.

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The Wall Desk's wooden surface is perfect for taking notes or working on a standard sized laptop.

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