Vertical Desk Tray Keeps Medical Files Accessible

In many industries, it is still common to communicate with colleagues and document work through paper filing. The health industry is one major field that requires several people to exchange information by utilizing one single patient file. Often times, there are many professionals in contact with the patient, which means that several people are handling the file.

Although hospitals and doctor’s offices have their own system for managing the files, Buddy Products has a unique storage option that would be ideal for active files. For an industry as fast paced as healthcare, keeping information as accessible as possible is essential.

The Trio 5 Pocket Vertical Desk Tray is a compact unit that can be stored on any desktop in an effort to allow for files remain visible and available. The shelving unit has five vertical pockets that can store everything from patient files to binders or books that are often used as a reference tool.

The unit comes in black or charcoal, allowing it to match with the rest of the office décor. It is made from 30% post-consumer recycled material and consists of three durable, strong materials; steel, wire and plastic.

Taking a look at Buddy Products Trio 5 Pocket Vertical Desk Tray, how would you use it in your office? Let us know below!

The Buddy Products Vertical Desk Tray keeps important documents and information available, which is helpful if multiple people need access to one file.

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