Versatile Mailbox Securely Stores Important Information

Are you looking for a way to securely store confidential inter-office information? Are you teacher who wants a protected way students can report bullying?

Buddy Products has a versatile product that can be used to fill a need in a variety of environments. Although the product is called the Inter-Office Mailbox, it can be used in several circumstances.

The product is a small steel box that is secured by a lock and has a slot at the top allowing for letter-size pages to be inserted. The mailbox, which is made up of 30% recycled steel, can be mounted to a wall making it accessible, if necessary.

This item can be used in any situation that may require storage of confidential information. This steel box has the ability to function as a money or homework drop box to an out-going mailbox.

How would you use Buddy Products’ Inter-Office Mailbox? Let us know below!

Buddy Products' Inter-Office Mailbox is multi-functional and allows information to be securely passed around in a variety of environments.

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