Three Pocket Magazine Displayer Great for Waiting Room or Lobby Areas

Almost every type of major business has some sort of a lobby or waiting room area that is set-up for visitors to use while waiting for their appointment. Many companies try to make this area as pleasant as possible by providing things to read and sometimes even refreshments.

Buddy Products has an item that should be located in every waiting room. The Three-Pocket Magazine Displayer is a sleek storage unit, available in silver and black, that helps display reading material for guests without taking up too much space.

The unit has three compartments with 2-1/2 inch depth to help organize and store magazines. Each pocket is slightly angled to help keep the literature upright and visible to lobby guests. The heavy duty wire and steal construction allows this unit to hold the weight of several magazines.

Why not try this modern magazine display in your office waiting room!

Buddy Products Three Pocket Magazine Displayer

The modern style Magazine Displayer has a neutral design so it can coordinate with almost any office decor.


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