Suggestion Box Solicits Opinions with Confidence

Wonder what your customers are thinking when they are in your store? Feel that employees in your business think they could do something better? Ask for their advice by putting out a suggestion box from Buddy Products.

In the age of online surveys and email, this is a throwback to simpler times. And it affords the critic a bit of anonymity; if they don’t want to sign their name, they don’t have to.

The steel box comes with a tumbler lock and two keys. It also features suggestion cards and a chain pen, which can be placed anywhere on the box for convenience (and so it won’t walk away – funny how pens seem to grow legs when you aren’t looking). Because it can sit on a table or counter or be mounted to a wall, you can put it wherever you want.

Buddy Products Steel Suggestion Box with Suggestion Cards

A suggestion box allows employees and customers to easily submit feedback on your company or product.

And here’s a suggestion for your suggestion box – if there one aspect or quality that is very important to your company’s goals, like safety, sustainability, etc., give the employee or customer an incentive if their suggestion is implemented and benefits that company goal. It can be a gift card to a local restaurant or to your own store. That will ensure the suggestions keep rolling in.

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