Stylish Magazine File Perfect for Office Lobbies

Many offices have a waiting room or lobby area for outside guests to comfortably sit in while they wait for their meeting or appointment to begin.  Some companies will provide refreshments and even reading material to pass the time.

For businesses who display magazines or catalogs in their lobby area, Buddy Products has a stylish product that can help keep reading material organized. The Bamboo Magazine File is a vertical, freestanding holder that is a perfect storage location for this type of material.

Eliminate using coffee tables to display the literature selection by using this stylish holder. The Magazine File is a well-constructed design that is made from naturally colored bamboo material. Since the file stands vertically, it can display the spine of the booklet, which typically shows the name of the magazine or catalog.

Not only does the Magazine File make it easy to store literature, but it also clears up some of the clutter that can occur when trying to display the reading material.

What are your thoughts about this new Buddy Products’ file? Let us know how you would use it below.

Buddy Products Bamboo Magazine File

Stylish Bamboo Magazine File is a perfect storage location for catalogs, magazines and other reading material.


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