Store Records Inside Buddy’s Metal Hanging File Box

Although a majority of information is stored electronically, it is still important to maintain printed records on certain types of documents, such as legal paperwork, tax filings and more. Experts typically recommend storing these documents for seven years.

Since these files are important, it is essential to store them in a place where they will remain intact and accessible. Buddy Products Hanging File Box is a study unit that has built-in side rails allowing letter-size, hanging file folders to be store inside.

The black metal unit has a wafer tumbler lock providing additional security, requiring individual to utilize one of two keys in order to access the files. Located on top of the box is a sturdy carrying handle, which can come in beneficial if paperwork needs to be relocated.

Protect documents, while keeping them organized and accessible by storing letter-size file folders inside Buddy’s Hanging File Box.

Buddy Products Hanging File without Folders

Built-in racks support files so they stand upright and are easy to access for information.

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