Secure Inter-Office Communication with Sandusky Buddy Mailbox

Everyone in business agrees that feedback is important to create excellent experiences. Nowadays, companies seek feedback through surveys, which takes away other opportunities for interoffice memos, music and document transfers. Sandusky Buddy’s Inter-Office Mailbox not only can be used for surveys, but also outgoing mail collection and more, which will open up employees’ feedback.

The Inter-Office Mailbox is a compact size of 18″ x 7″ x 18″, that can be mounted on to a wall to free up more office space and be more visible for users. It can also be left on a flat surface that can be easily moved to other locations in the office.

Sandusky Buddy Products Inter-Office Mailbox

This sturdy mailbox is made from 30% recycled steel and is great for exchanging confidential information.

The mailbox has a slotted open top, which will allow any type of inter-office documents to be inserted inside such as outgoing mail, private memos, diskettes, CDs and more. There is also a wafer tumbler lock to secure contents inside and ensure employees documents confidentiality. Sandusky Buddy has provided an extra key for extra security. When files are ready to be viewed, unlock the full piano hinge door to retrieve all contents inside the box.

Sandusky Buddy’s Inter Office Mailbox is a great way to secure communication within the company, but also introduce different forms communications by having employees submit memos or disks. How would you use this product? Share with us in the comments below.

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