Save Space by Storing Computer in Compact Workstation

Creating a home office can sometimes be challenging if space is lacking. To create a compact area for computer storage, Buddy has a desk available that creates a useable work space without taking up much space.

The Capri Compact PC Workstation is perfect for those who are conscious about taking up too much space for their home office. Also, this workstation can be mobile, making it possible to relocate the computer equipment with ease.

Available in three different colors, the unit has a shelf for the monitor, one for the keyboard and an additional platform for storage. There is a removable mouse platform that can be attached if needed. Store the computer’s CPU on the side-bar holder to keep it off the floor.

Two out of the four casters can be locked in place to prevent the unit from moving. The workstation comes with tools for assembling, making it easy to build this attractive looking computer desk.

Buddy Products Capri Compact PC Workstation

The workstation comes in three different colors to allow the unit to match with almost any home decor.

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