Save on Space and Protect Equipment with the Euroflex 4 Level Printer Stand

When it comes to working in an office, there is often a lot of equipment required to get the job done. Storing machines like your computer, printer and fax can get cumbersome and sometimes a little cluttered.

Buddy Products has a stand that instantly creates storage space for some of this equipment. The Euroflex 4 Level Printer Stand has multi-shelves, making it a great unit for storing both the fax machine and the printer. The top shelf has a fixed height, but the others can adjust to whatever size the machine is.

The steel unit can safely store printer cables and cords inside the side panel. Additionally, the dual wheel casters will allow for the unit to be relocated very easily. Overall, this Printer Stand is a perfect way to save on space, while still providing a protective location for this equipment.

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Buddy Products Euroflex 4 Level Printer Stand

The dual wheel casters allow the stand to be mobile, if needed.

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