Sandusky Buddy Keyboard Drawer De-clutter Desk Space

With technology growing, more and more office workers are now sitting in front of a desk facing a computer majority of the day. For this reason, it is very important for workers to have a non-cluttered desk space. To create extra space, move your keyboard and mouse to a new platform with Sandusky Buddy’s Articulating Keyboard Drawer with Mouse Platform.

Sandusky Buddy Products Articulating Keyboard Drawer w/ Mouse Platform

The keyboard drawer can adjust 2-1/4″ in height and the angle can adjust to 15° for a proper “reverse angle” position.

Installing this Sandusky Buddy product will help free up desk space and give more moving room around the desk. The spacious keyboard drawer can store a standard size keyboard along with a mouse, which means more open desk space to store documents and to write on the desk. When the keyboard drawer is not in use, simply slide and lock the 10” extended drawer underneath the desk. In addition, no one will hear you changing from the using the keyboard drawer to using the desk because the full ball-bearing glides quietly.

The additional space will also allow you to be more comfortable working at a desk. The keyboard drawer includes a mouse pad that helps the mouse glide easily when operating the computer, and the wrist rest makes it more comfortable utilizing the mouse.

Sandusky Buddy Products Articulating Keyboard Drawer will instantly create more storage space by removing the keyboard and mouse from your desktop area and open up work space. Let us know how Sandusky Buddy Products help de-clutter your desk space in the comments below.

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