Promote Employee Feedback with Discreet Suggestion Box

Many companies look for ways to receive employee feedback and suggestions in order to develop on understanding of opinions in the workplace. Whether individuals choose to comment on negative aspects of their work environment or compliment the company for increasing benefits, creating a way to openly communicate and share thoughts is important for any business.

Buddy Products has created a way for employees to share opinions in a discreet way. The Steel Suggestion Box with Suggestion Cards can sit on any flat surface or be mounted to a wall for a space saving option. The box is made from durable, textured steel so it resists scratching.

Each box comes with 50 yellow suggestion cards, which slides in the card slot located on the side of the unit. Additionally, there is a magnetic chain pen that can be attached anywhere on the box for convenience.

Would this suggestion box increase communication between employees and company executives? Let us know your thoughts below!

Suggestion or feedback cards are stored in a secure location so employees or customers feel safe sharing their thoughts.

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