Posting Tubs is a Great Option for Temporary File Storage

Many companies have a fast-paced work environment that leaves little time for organizing files and sorting through documents. For this type of workplace, it is important to have a system in place that eliminates taking extra time to deal with paperwork.

Using the Buddy Products Posting Tub, companies have the ability to set-up a temporary, but organized storage space for documents. For example, those who work in a mechanic shop deal with hundreds of work orders a week. Using this container would allow invoices and work reports to be placed in the appropriate file once completed without taking up much time.

The black tub has handles, which make it easy to transport the container from a desk to the file storage area, if needed. Additionally, the inside of the tub has a corrugated bottom, allowing files to stand upright and avoid slipping down. This container is available in letter and legal size, so it can accommodate the paperwork that is typically used within the workplace.

Buddy Products Posting Tubs

The Posting Tub is a great place for temporary storage because it avoids clutter and keeps paperwork organized.

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