Posting Tubs Great for Storing Papers Waiting to be Filed

Anyone who works in an office knows the amount of paper that has to be filed and stored on a regular basis. Maintaining files can be time consuming, especially if you work in an office that requires hard copies of almost everything. Finding time to file paperwork can be difficult when you are busy, which causes the stacks of paper to begin to build.

Instead of cluttering your desk or inbox with documents waiting to be filed, Buddy Products suggests that you use their Posting Tubs to store this paperwork. The heavy duty bins offer temporary storage place for paperwork.

The black bins are available in both legal and letter sizes in order to accommodate various size pages. The handles, located on the sides of the bin, allow for the bin to be easily transported to the file storage location. The inside bottom of the bin has a corrugated finish, keeping folders from slipping down or getting damaged while being stored.

Have you used the Posting Tubs in the past? Let us know how they were beneficial to you.

The handles on the Posting Tubs make it easy to transport the files from one office to another.

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