More Space Saving, More Fun

Sandusky Buddy Products Table with Literature Rack is not only great for displaying magazines, but also encourages users to read and have more fun.

The Literature Rack can add storage to your home and office area. It is a 3-in-1 furniture piece that can store miscellaneous items, display all kinds of information and organize products. There are four sides to the table, which can be used to store extra documents or files.  Besides putting reading materials on the Table Literature Rack, this product has extra storage. Pop open the top of the table and you will find a concealed space that can be used to store office supplies, documents, toys, DVDS and more. Seeing reading materials may encourage users to read more. After enjoying a long read, take a break and find interesting materials to play with inside the table.

The table can display magazines on the literature rack and save space by storing miscellaneous items inside it.

This Sandusky Buddy product is made of solid oak and comes in two different finishes -medium oak and mahogany. These color options allow customers to choose the furniture that best compliments their home or office environment. Don’t be limited to the typical home or office. This wooden table can also be used in waiting rooms and trade shows, allowing people who are walking by to relax and enjoy the literature displayed on the racks or even play with the goodies stored inside the table’s concealed storage area.

Who doesn’t want to save space, be organized, and enjoy a delightful read? Tell us your experience if you have used Buddy’s literature racks.

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