Key Box Great Place to Store Extra Locker Keys

Many schools utilize a locker system to store students’ books and personal items. Locks are placed on the door handle in order to provide security for each student. If the kids forget their key, it is important for the teacher to store a spare set to ensure the students have access to their books and notes stored inside.

Teachers must be organized in how they decide to store the extra keys to avoid getting them confused. Buddy has a unit that is secure, while still managing to create an organized key storage system.

The 15 Key Box is a compact unit that can be stored in a desk drawer, or even wall mounted if needed.  This unit, which can store up to 15 keys at one time, uses key tags to keep everything in order.

Once the numbered key tags are attached to the key, the hook will allow it to securely attach to the box. Record what number belongs to which student by using the key control chart. This will create an easy reference tool in the future.

Buddy Products 15 Key Box

The numbered key tags have a coordinating chart to help identify what each key is for.

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