Keep Valuables Protected in Electronic Home Safe

Although a lot of our documents are digitalized, there are always products that need to be protected while stored, such as hard copies of legal documents, items with sentimental value and items that are expensive. Sandusky Buddy Products have many secure storage options that can be very useful.

The Electronic Home Safes are available in three different sizes, which gives users different options to store various sized items. Plus, the neutral black colored home safe won’t draw too much attention, allowing it to be more hidden when it’s mounted on to the wall or placed on the floor.

The safe has an electronic locking system with dual bolts rather than the usual key locks. It is not only more secure due to having two sets of codes, but it is also easy to operate. Don’t worry if the battery fails because there is a face-plate that removes to reveal your back-up key.

This product is great to secure your valuable items at home. Let us know if you would use this at home!

Sandusky Buddy Products Electronic Home Safes

Solid steel construction plus dual bolts made of heavy gauge steel.

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