Keep Shared Files Available to All Employees with Buddy Wire Racks

Collaborating with coworkers can sometimes be mandatory when it comes to large projects at work. When multiple people are working together on the same client or task, important documents and paperwork are often shared between the group.

Maintaining one file for the project ensures that these documents are stored in a single location for team members to refer to. Instead of storing the file in someone’s desk, Buddy Products has a mountable rack that allows the files to be accessible to anyone in the group.

The Wire Ware 1 Pocket Lit Rack has a modern look paired with a functional design. The wire rack has the ability to store letter- size file folders, literature and more. The holder has the ability to hang over the door or cubicle partitions, in addition to being mounted.

The durable rack can be stored in almost any location. Additionally, the neutral design allows it to fit into any office décor. What would you use Buddy Products Wire Ware 1 Pocket Lit Rack for? Tell us how you would organize it below.

Buddy Products Wire Ware 1 Pocket Lit Rack

These wire file racks can be mounted in order to make paperwork accessible in a convenient location in the office.

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