Keep Safety Glasses Protected and Accessible

Safety glasses can sometimes be a difficult item to store. Some glasses may be more fragile than others, which would require more protection when being stored. In fact, it can be argued that the biggest obstacle to overcome when attempting to store safety glasses is making them accessible to use, while keeping them protected.

Buddy Products offers a convenient holder that allows you to overcome any storage concerns. The Safety Glass Holder is ideal for an industrial type of setting due to the amount of protection it can provide. In addition, there is some flexibility with how you decide to use it. The holder has the ability to remain freestanding on a flat surface or it can be wall mounted.

The durable holder, which is made of a textured steel construction, has a 3 1/2″ opening at the bottom, making the glasses accessible. The opening, however, has a 2” angled lip to secure the glasses in place. The holder is easy to refill. Simply, flip up the top lid and add new safety glasses.

Another benefit to Buddy’s Safety Glass Holder is that it has the ability to store loose or boxed eye wear. This may be helpful if your company decides to switch the type of glasses that are used.

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Keep safety glasses protected and accessible by using Buddy Products' Safety Glass Holder.

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