Keep Files Accessible with Wall Mounted Organizer

In the workplace, exchanging information happens in a variety of different ways depending on the industry the business is in. More companies are sharing information electronically; however, hard copies are still required in some places.

Medical offices, for example, will often pass patient files between the secretary, nurse, doctor and record’s keeper. In order to keep files accessible between all of those individuals that handle the documents, Buddy Products has a wall unit that stores and organizes files.

The Task File Organizer Rack is a steel unit, available in black or platinum. Use screws (purchased separately) to mount the organizer to a wall, helping to keep files available to personnel in the office.

There are four pockets in this unit to help organize letter-size documents. Sort files alphabetically or by appointment time throughout the four compartments. The top section stores office supplies such as a staples, pens, pencils and more. This makes it easy for a staff member to grab a pen prior to visiting with a patient.

Buddy Products Task File Organizer Rack

Organize letter-size files among the four compartments that come with the Organizer Rack

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