Expand Your Workspace and Become More Organized

Had it with not having enough space on your desk to store your files, folders and binders, in addition to desk accessories? The Buddy Products 30 inch Wood Space Saver is designed to help you solve this problem.

The Space Saver sits on top of desks or tables, acting like a hutch to add much-needed storage and organization space to your workspace. By increasing your desk surface area, items will no longer be strewn about, leading to increased productivity.

The Space Saver, available in medium oak or mahogany finish, has an arched top and fully finished back, to integrate nicely into your office decor. It also features adjustable wood shelves and plastic dividers for multiple storage configurations. With an added pencil cup and CD holder, both of which can be mounted inside a cubby hole or used separately, you will be more organized in no time.

Buddy Products 30 in. Wood Space Saver

Take your workspace from messy to magnificent with the Buddy Products 30 inch Wood Space Saver.

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