Create Keyboard Storage Space to Free Up the Desktop

When it comes to saving desk space, many people will look at different tools to use to reorganize paperwork and make their file storage system more efficient. There are other ways to free up some desktop space, starting with your keyboard and mouse.

Buddy Products has an item that can be installed to help free up space, and make it more comfortable to utilize the computer. The Keyboard Drawer with Wrist Rest/Mousepad is a spacious item that allows the keyboard to be present only when the computer is in use.

Store standard size keyboards in the drawer, along with your mouse. The wrist rest makes it more comfortable to utilize the keyboard, while the mousepad makes it easier to glide the mouse when operating. The drawer locks into place and when it is done being used, simply slide the drawer underneath the desk.

Alleviate desk space issues by removing the keyboard from your desktop, which will instantly create more storage and writing space.

Buddy Products Keyboard Drawer with Wrist Rest / Mousepad

Use the Keyboard Drawer to conceal the computer accessory when it is not in use.

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