Create File Storage for Small Home Offices

Sometimes it is hard to find office furniture that is suitable for a home environment. Filing cabinets and desks can sometimes take up more space that what is needed in a small home office setting. Buddy Products has a great product that is not only compact in size, but also provides the same secure type of storage found at the office.

The steel Hanging File unit has a sturdy handle that makes it easy to move files around. The built-in side rails store the hanging files, helping to keep them upright and in place. To provide additional security, there is a wafer tumbler lock, which comes with two keys.

This unit is 10 x 10.875 x 13.75, allowing it to provide decent amount of storage and protection for any small home office. Files will now be protected and important documents can be organized in one dedicated space without taking up much space with over-sized filing cabinets.

Buddy Products Hanging File without Folders

Black steel case has side rails so that hanging files remain upright and in place.

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