Card Cabinets Help Corral the Card Clutter

Is your desk cluttered with time cards and index cards? Sandusky Buddy Products has a line of Card Cabinets designed to store a variety of different card sizes to help you restore your once uncluttered workspace.

Available in single, double or triple drawer designs, each drawer is 16” deep with a 1600 card capacity. Configure the cabinets in a formation most suitable for your needs as they’ve been designed for easy stacking purposes. Each drawer also contains follow blocks and bail stops to prevent the drawers from slipping out.

With a selection of cabinet drawers ranging in size, you’re able to store cards anywhere between 3”x 5” to 6”x 9” in size. No longer worry about having an unsightly mess of cards on your desk. With Sandusky Buddy Products’ Card Cabinets, you’re sure to reduce mess and keep all your cards organized.

Card Cabinets

The Card Cabinets come in a number of sizes for different storage options.

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