Buddy has Secure Storage for Exchanging Confidential Information

Many communications occur electronically in the business and educational world, but at times, a hard copy is a necessity. When it comes to handling confidential material, many individuals might not feel comfortable leaving an invoice or a report lying on someone’s desk. Instead, there are more secure ways to exchange this information.

Using Buddy Products Inter-Office Mailbox allows students to turn in homework and employees to exchange important forms in a more secure manner. The box can be mounted on a wall outside the teacher or boss’ office to ensure that people have access to it.

This unit is made from 30% recycled steel and is 18 x 7 x 18 inches in size. There is a slot located at the top of the gray, steel mailbox. Secured by a wafer tumbler lock, once the box is unlocked there is a full piano hinge door that exposes the contents.

Buddy Products Inter-Office Mailbox, Large

This mailbox can be mounted on a wall, allowing students and employees to add homework, interoffice mail and memos.

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