Brochure Rack Great Place to Store Reading Material in Waiting Room

Traditionally, waiting rooms will have some type of reading material available for guests to enjoy as they wait for their appointment. Some companies may decide to place magazines on coffee tables, while others will utilize other tools to store this information.

Buddy Products has a freestanding unit that is able to provide more storage then a table surface. The Rotating Brochure Rack is perfect for storing small pamphlets and brochures. Individual pockets measure 7-3/4” high x ½” deep in size.

There are a total of 66 pockets available for storage or 33 pockets, after the wire divider is removed to make a wider storage space. The rack is triangular in shape and can rotate to allow individuals to view all sides of the unit. Storing material inside will help eliminate reading material clutter from gathering throughout the waiting room. Instead, users can view the entire selection by simply turning the rack.

Buddy Products Rotating Brochure Rack

Use Buddy’s Rotating Brochure Rack to organize reading material in an office waiting room or lobby area.

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