Avoid Electronic Device Theft with Buddy’s Safe

More individuals are using laptops or notebooks instead of desktop computers, since it allows them to travel with their device. Students use bring their computers from one class to another, similar to sales professionals who travel to customers with their business laptop.

Keeping electronic devices safe while not in use is important to help preserve the material stored on it. Buddy Products has an Electronic Laptop Safe that will help to eliminate the risk of theft from occurring.

Ideal for an office and dorm room, the safe is a battery-operated unit that can be mounted to a floor, shelf or desk. Create a master code for the device and unique user codes, if necessary. If the battery dies, simply move the faceplate and use the backup key lock to open the sage.

The door, which is comprised of a heavy-duty 8 gauge steel construction, will pop open once the code is entered. The body of the unit is made of 14 gauge steel, so the safe itself is not only durable, but capable of providing the utmost protection of electronic devices.

Buddy Products Electronic Laptop Safe

The keypad is operated by battery and if it dies, there is a key that can unlock the safe.

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