Use a Lightweight Alliance Mailer to Save on Postage Costs

Many people will put a lot of effort into packing a shipment to ensure that it does not get damaged while in transport. Sometimes the additional padding and protection can end up costing much more then it would if you used something more lightweight.

Alliance Rubber has CD and DVD Mailers that are lined with bubble cushioning along the interior of the envelope so they can protect discs or other small devices during shipment. The lightweight material of the envelopes will help save on postage costs.

These mailers have the ability to self –seal, making it easy to secure the contents inside. The moisture resistant material will provide an additional layer of protection for the CDs inside. The outer part of the mailer has designated, lined areas to write the mailing and returning addresses.

Have you ever shipped items in an Alliance mailer? If so, let us know how it worked for you.

Alliance Rubber CD & DVD Mailers

On one side of the mailer, there are lines available to write in the shipping and returning addresses.

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