Unique Bands Ideal for Securing Large Reports

Generally speaking, rubber bands work to keep a group of items together by wrapping around them in order to securely hold them in place. There are many sizes and types of bands that are often a better fit for one situation over another. In particular, Alliance Rubber has many unique products to pick from.

Whether you are looking to hold together a large annual report or keep a book from opening while commuting, Alliance Rubber Corner to Corner Bands help you hold many letter size pages in place. The band, which stretches to 24”, is one continuous piece of yellow rubber that has a seamless construction to avoid it catching anything.

In order to secure the band to your project, the rubber must be attached to two diagonal corners, at the very least. There are other ways to secure the one piece band to your report or presentation. With the gift giving seasoning fast approaching, the Corner to Corner Bands can be very useful when attempting to secure a gift box, while wrapping your present.

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Whether you secure the documents by using two corners or all four sides, the Corner to Corner Bands ensure everything stays together.

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