Traditional Office Supplies Ready for On-the-Go Professionals

There are many professions that require individuals to move or travel throughout their work day. Teachers may teach in multiple classrooms. Sales representatives will travel to clients. Health care professionals often move from patient to patient during their shift.

Working in this type of capacity can sometimes make it difficult to stay organized the way you typically would if you were at your own desk for the whole duration of work. Carrying office supplies with you is the best way to stay organized and on top of paperwork.

The Alliance Rubber brites! Office-to-Go is a great tool to use when you are away from your desk. The supplies come in a zippered pouch, which has four compartments that can be used to divide everything up.

In addition to the pouch, individuals receive file bands, two sizes of paper clips, binder clips, push pins and one pen.  Everything included is available in an assortment of brite colors. This compact unit provides simple, traditional organizational tools that can be used to keep things in order when you are away from the desk.

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Alliance Rubber brites! Office-To-Go

The four compartments within the pouch make it easy to keep all the supplies separate and organized.

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