Tame the Cord Clutter

Whether it is the computer cords at your desk or the cable and TV wires behind the entertainment system at home, it seems that our life becomes increasingly cramped with electronic cords to all the gadgets we use throughout the day. Sad to say, the wires are not going anywhere any time soon, so how can they be stored in a way that is less messy and is a little more resourceful use of space?

Alliance Rubber makes a product to solve such a problem. The Multi Color Cable Wrapz is an assortment of various colors and sizes that help to organize several types of cords.

There are four different sizes in each pack, which coordinate with a particular color. The Cable Wrapz help you tackle clutter of all sizes, since the wrapz range in size from 4” to 10”.

The Cable Wrapz are made out of a specific material that makes them all-weather, so they can qualify as a tool for indoor and outdoor organization projects. They can be reused in the future if necessary.

Alliance’s Multi Color Cable Wrapz makes managing extension cords and other cables a much more realistic organization goal.

The four different types of Cable Wrapz are color-coded by size.

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