Take Your Office Products to Go

Anyone can maintain organization when they are in a stationary office. The real challenge is keeping those good habits up when you are forced to travel from one client to another. Sales representatives in particular are used to going from one appointment to the next without a lot of time in between for arranging and maintain order.

To avoid total chaos, Alliance Rubber Bands brites! Office-To-Go has all the essential office products in a convenient zipper pouch to make sorting information much easier when traveling.

The pouch contains six different commonly used office items in assorted colors. With one purchase, you can have rubber bands, binder clips, push pins, two different paper clips sizes and a pen at your disposal.

The items come in a zipper pouch that ensures all items will be securely stored while traveling to client appointments.

How do you maintain organization on the go? Let us know below.

Stay organized while traveling with a zippered pouch that contains paper clips, binder clips and more!

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