SuperSize Bands Useful for Large Jobs

Rubber bands can be very valuable for a number of tasks, regardless of the size. Whether you are using bands to group together pencils, large files or even shipping pallets, they can prove to come in useful.

Alliance has a large selection of rubber bands that have specific functions making them beneficial for particular situations. The SuperSize Bands are primarily intended for larger jobs. Whether you are looking to bind together large boxes or store rolled up carpet, these bands are essential to getting the job done right.

The bands, which come in three different sizes, are identified based on their colors. For example, all the blue bands are 17” x 1/4” in size. This is the largest size available in the package and it has the ability to hold 55 gallon drum liners in place.

Looking to use the SuperSize Bands to make loading cartons easier by using them to hold the carton flaps down? If you don’t use them to permanently bind something and instead, decide to reuse the bands, they come in a resealable poly bag, which makes storage easy.

What would you use Alliance’s SuperSize Bands for? Let us know below!

The SuperSize Bands are assorted and each color represents a different size of the bands, making it easier to identify when selecting one to use.

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