Seal and Pack It with Confidence

Shipping out numerous packages on a daily basis, but not sure which packing tape to use? Try one of the two Alliance Rubber Polypropylene Packaging Tape options.

The clear tape will hold tight for your most fragile and important packaging needs. Each roll is 2 inches wide by 55 yards (or 165 feet) long. The tape is available in two types – 1.8 mil thick with hot melt adhesive and 2.6 mil thick with acrylic adhesive.

Hot melt adhesive works well in environments that are between 45 and 120 degrees. It provides a good bond for most carton, box and envelope sealing applications, but can yellow with time. It is a good low-cost option if you are shipping out a high number of packages.

Acrylic adhesive can be used in a wider range of temperatures, 32 to 140 degrees. Although more costly than the hot melt counterpart, it is seen as a more all-purpose tape. Acrylic adhesive is favored when carton appearance is important, due to the fact that the tape is clear and resists yellowing.

Whether wrapping, packing or sending, be sure to check out our complete selection of mail and ship products.

Alliance Rubber Polypropylene Packaging Tape

Alliance Rubber Polypropylene Packaging Tape is available in two thicknesses and adhesives to meet your package sealing needs.

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